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February 7, 2022

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Homeowners should be aware of the foundation repair technique used to raise or level their homes. Get a second assessment from a structural engineer before you spend thousands of dollars on foundation repair services.

Does foundation repair affect home value?

A faulty foundation may decrease anywhere from 10% to 20% of the entire value of your property. If your house is worth $350,000, you could only get $280,000, a $70,000 difference.

Foundation repair raises the value of your property in three ways:

  • The integrity of the structure
  • Warranty
  •  Cosmetics

As a general rule, Because foundation failure always lowers a home's value, foundation rehabilitation always raises it.

foundation repair on a local home

Does foundation repair cause damage?

The use of concrete press piles for foundation leveling has several drawbacks. You will almost certainly develop more cracks in the walls and slab than before foundation repair. When you press upon the foundation, the fissures should close. Prepare to add the cost of additional repairs to the project's budget.

Another disadvantage of leveling the foundation using press piles is that you risk damaging plumbing beneath the slab, resulting in an even worse problem than you had before the foundation repair.

You might also twist the roof, resulting in leaks that you didn't have previously. Do you have any tiles for the floor? They'll most likely break as well. Many of these issues will eventually relocate, re-creating the devastation you experienced previously.

What happens if I don't fix my foundation?

 When foundation defects are not fixed on time, complications may arise. 

Insect and  Small Mammal Infestation

Small insects and rodents might get into your home through cracks left by foundation issues. Protected, damp, dark settings are ideal for living and, more shockingly, breeding. This implies that an infestation can spread fast, perhaps causing more harm to your property. 

Plumbing Issues

Pipes beneath your property may break or rupture as foundations shift due to expanding soils, potentially leaking water for years. The pipes beneath the concrete slab of your home's foundation are the most vulnerable since they expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This is often a costly repair since these pipelines are also difficult to access.

 Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew may be disastrous, especially in pier and beam houses. If water gets past the seal on your pier and beam foundation, wood rot will develop, potentially affecting your family's health. Mold and mildew are other unseen problems that might go undetected until they spread widely beneath the surface. 

It's critical to get your house evaluated as soon as you suspect a sinking foundation, detect cracks in the foundation, or notice other symptoms of foundation concerns. Failure to address foundation concerns as soon as they arise can result in further foundation deterioration and more costly repairs in the future.

Sinking Foundation Repair

Uneven floorboards or misaligned door frames are the first indicators of foundation problems. This might indicate that your foundation is settling, sinking, or moving over time, compromising your home's structural stability.

Growing Structural Damage & Repair Costs

The longer you stale, the worse these problems will get, until the only alternative is to hire a structural expert to do more sophisticated repairs. Correcting fundamental flaws at the first hint of harm is a fraction of the cost of the damage that may occur if the problem is ignored for even six months.

Water Damage

Water may begin to enter your property through cracks in basement walls or bedrock slabs. The longer water is allowed to soak into your home's foundation, the more probable it is that serious water damage will occur, perhaps causing personal property damage. 

Delay has a lot of negative consequences. Although having your home's foundation examined or repaired may seem unpleasant, preventative maintenance is the simplest and most cost-effective strategy to avoid worse problems in the future.


water damage near foundation

How much is a house worth with a cracked foundation?

Finding the ideal house can take months or even years, and finding out that it has foundation difficulties can be distressing during the inspection stage. If you proceed with the purchase, there are various dangers and risks to consider; while most of these issues can be resolved, the expense, effort, and stress associated may not be worth it. The associated extra cost is 

Cost of Repairing the Foundation

Foundation cracks less than 1/4 inch wide don't normally need to be repaired; however, cracks larger than that need. Patching cracks can be expensive, depending on where you reside, and it doesn't address the source of the initial crack, which you'll have to deal with at some time. This might be as simple as changing gutters and downspouts and grading the property surrounding the house so that the earth slopes away from the foundation or as complex as completely rebuilding the foundation. Rebuilding a portion of the foundation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, while a completely rebuilt foundation might cost upwards of $100,000.

Cost of Repairing Related Damage

When there are difficulties with the foundation, there are likely to be problems elsewhere in the property as well, and buying a house with foundation concerns means you'll have to deal with more household maintenance in the future. When a foundation isn't level and stable, it causes drywall cracks, misaligned doors and windows, broken tiles, and uneven, therefore damaged, hardwood floors. You'll either have to live with these concerns until the foundation is fixed or have to remedy them, which will be pricey depending on the degree of the damage if you employ a contractor.

How safe to live in a house with foundation problems?

Many individuals believe that a foundation problem is dangerous. While a problem with the foundation can be dangerous, it is unlikely to cause the floors to cave in anytime soon. It is possible to live in a house with a foundation defect without being aware since it takes a significant period before these defects become obvious.

However, a changing foundation can lead to: 

  • Walls with cracks
  • Doors and windows are jammed.
  • Uneven floors
  • Water and mold damage

All these poses risk to life and properties. The longer you leave your home's foundation in deterioration, the more likely you are to incur additional damages to the rest of your home, which will cost more and reduce the overall value of your home when it is put up for sale.

living in a house with foundation problems


Foundation experts would be happy to help you. If you believe it's time for a professional foundation examination or if you know you need foundation repair, contact an expert. Foundation repair costs about  $2,143 to $7,436, according to HomeAdvisor.

For further information, be sure to reach out to our foundation repair team at Bowling Green Foundation Repair & Waterproofing to schedule the services you need.


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