Homeowner's Guide to Foundation Crack Repair in Bowling Green

March 2, 2022

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Never put off needed foundation crack repair in Bowling Green KY! The longer you ignore cracks, the larger and deeper they often become. In turn, you’ll spend more money on repairs than if you addressed them at the first sign of damage. Additionally, foundation cracks risk water leaks and might even lower property values.

If you’re dealing with foundation cracks on your property, check out some vital information about standard repairs. You can then discuss your options with a foundation repair contractor near you as needed. Consequently, you’ll know your home is in good condition from top to bottom!

What Are Signs of Needed Foundation Crack Repair in Bowling Green?

One reason homeowners put off needed foundation fixes is that they don’t realize their home needs repairs! Since foundation cracks are often hidden and out of view, note some signs of needed foundation repairs around your home:

  • Wall and ceiling cracks inside the home
  • Exterior wall cracks
  • Cracks along a brick chimney stack
  • Cracked or otherwise damaged baseboards and crown molding
  • Popped drywall nails
  • Gaps in room corners or between drywall panels
  • Uneven floors and slipped or loose floor tiles
  • Squeaking, creaking, and groaning floors
  • Uneven door and window frames, doors and windows that stick
  • Damaged plumbing pipes and persistent clogs
  • Cracks along a roof’s surface, cracked tiles and shingles

Homeowners might also note any signs of water seeping into the home through a cracked foundation. These can include standing water in a basement, water stains along walls, and mold growth.

foundation crack repair services in bowling green

How Are Foundation Cracks Repaired?

Recommended foundation crack repair methods depend on the foundation construction and extent of damage. Note a few standard methods here, although your repair contractor will note what’s best for your home:

  • Epoxy fillers fill in hairline or otherwise minor cracks. These often expand and then harden, closing the cracks and providing a watertight seal.
  • Foundation waterproofing starts with excavation. A contractor might replace pipes around the foundation, designed to collect water and direct it away from a structure. He or she will then apply a waterproof coating.
  • Carbon fiber straps correct bowing basement walls. These straps push walls back into place and offer support against future bulging.
  • Underpinning uses specialty pins or concrete cylinders under or around the foundation. These pins lift the foundation into place and keep it supported.
  • House leveling injects a specialty slurry under the foundation, which dries and floats it back into place.

Note that a contractor might recommend more than one of these methods for your home. For instance, the structure might need house leveling and then underpinning. In turn, the home will be level and have the support it needs throughout the years.

Do All Foundation Cracks Need to Be Repaired?

Tiny horizontal cracks aren’t always serious and might not require repairs. However, a homeowner should never make assumptions about needed foundation crack repairs! Even small cracks can allow moisture to seep into the concrete, risking future damage. Also, some cracks might indicate a weak foundation that is sure to suffer future damage.

Rather than assuming a crack is minor and doesn’t need attention, call a foundation repair contractor for all cracks, chips, leaks, and so on. He or she is more qualified to assess those cracks! Additionally, you might consider crack patching just to ensure they don’t get worse over time. Patching also helps keep your interior dry and ready for occupation.

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How Much Does Bowling Green Foundation Crack Repair Cost?

Minor crack patching might cost only a few hundred dollars or more. However, you also might need to repeat this work every 3 to 10 years, as patching materials can degrade. Leak repair usually runs between $2500 and $4000. This work requires excavation and costlier materials, which is why it’s also more expensive!

Carbon fiber straps used to correct bowing walls might cost $1000 each on average. Also, piers and cylinders used for underpinning might average $1000 to $3000 each. In turn, your total foundation repair costs depend on how many of these your property needs for proper fixes.

House leveling is surprisingly inexpensive, perhaps averaging around $1300 to $1500 or more. However, this repair might also need underpinning, patching, and other such work, as said. Additionally, homeowners should budget for needed preventative maintenance around their property. This can include soil grading, sump pump installation, and the like.

Bowling Green Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is happy to provide this information about foundation crack repair in Bowling Green. Hopefully it helped you better understand what to expect! For expert fixes that last, contact our Bowling Green foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE inspections and guaranteed services. To find out more, give us a call.


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